All candidates enrolled in MODATEX’s training actions conform to a process of vocational and professional guidance and counselling within the scope of the MODATEX QUALIFICA CENTRE, free of charge, in order to establish the skills and requirements for the courses in which they are enrolled and to explore other qualification opportunities, whether professional and/or educational.


To assist in this task, the QUALIFICA CENTRE requests essential documentation such as the School Certificate, Curriculum Vitae and other relevant documents that are requested by our technicians.


MODATEX QUALIFICA CENTRE has another advantage for those who wish to obtain academic equivalence (6th, 9th and 12th year of schooling) or professional equivalence through the RVCC process (Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competences).


At the moment, MODATEX QUALIFICA CENTRE is developing processes of Recognition, Validation and Certification of Professional Skills in the following professional areas: 

  • Tailor;
  • Instrial Seamstress of Fabric;
  • Industrial Seamstress of Knitted Clothing;
  • Seamstress / Dressmaker;
  • Clothes Designer;
  • Sewing Machine Technician;
  • Spinning operator;
  • Weaving Technician;
  • Weaving Operator;
  • Textile Enrichment Technician;
  • Dyeing operator;
  • Window-dressing Technician;
  • Logistics Technician;
  • Logistics Operator;
  • Commercial Technician;
  •  Marketing Technician;
  • Sales Technician;
  • Quality Technician;
  • Working Relationships Technician;
  • IT Technician – Network Installation and Management;


MODATEX keeps record of candidates’ interest on RVCC - Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competencies: